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Enjoy a good rest so that your night's sleep is restorative

Natural components

Natural components

Made with natural latex and vegan products

Uniquely Comfortable

Uniquely Comfortable

Designed to provide optimal comfort and a restorative night's sleep

Naturally Healthy

Naturally Healthy

Without any chemical treatments or synthetic materials



Durable: natural latex is a durable material


Products that respect your wellbeing and the planet

The majority of pillows you'll find on the market are made from synthetic materials derived from petroleum products. At Kipli, we're convinced that sleeping in a natural environment makes a beneficial contribution to the quality of our night's sleep.

This is why the need has arisen to create products that are made using natural materials. For the Kipli natural pillows, we've used 100% natural latex. This material is extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree and is ideal because it doesn't contain any chemical substances which helps to avoid contamination in our homes. 

Natural latex is breathable and provides our pillows with natural anti-mite and antibacterial properties. They also provide excellent support for the neck or cervical spine and offer optimal durability thanks to the exceptional quality of the latex used.

Additional information about the manufacture
2 Year Guarantee

2 Year Guarantee

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Quality attested to in our certifications


Our Natural Pillows

At Kipli, our objective is to offer natural products which combine the best quality in both the materials used and the design. An extremely durable natural latex pillow is an end product that we would strongly recommend. An alternative to the existing excessive consumerism in the market is our Holy Grail and what differentiates our pillows from what's generally available. Coupled with this, we are able to compete in an industry that's often confusing and which frequently uses pollutants and materials that can be harmful to your health.  

The three principles which govern Kipli's ethos are: sincerity, responsibility and transparency. Kipli is a committed and sustainable brand that is dedicated to reinventing the interiors of people's homes in a way that's healthy for both our customers and the planet. 

Only the best materials are used in Kipli's natural pillows

We only use natural, eco-friendly products in the manufacture of our pillows. The filler in our natural pillows is made from 100% natural latex. This material comes from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The trees are untreated so no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used.

The pillows are free of any endocrine disruptors or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and, thankfully, don't contain any products which may potentially be harmful to human health. In addition to this, as these items are made from only natural materials, as opposed to memory-foam pillows, for example, a natural pillow responds better to your body's needs and will also last longer. 

The natural latex interior is protected by an initial layer of organic jersey cotton. It also has an ecru coloured organic cotton cover which, in addition to having a nice feel, can be easily removed for cleaning. . 

The Kipli natural pillows' covers are made from organic cotton and have a Tencel filling. Tencel is a natural material that's extracted from eucalyptus pulp and offers excellent durability over time.

Therefore, these natural latex pillows are effectively vegan pillows with components that are responsibly sourced and beneficial to human health. This is in addition to being made of breathable, hypoallergenic and antifungal materials, all of which come from the naturalness of natural latex. 

Optimal and versatile comfort

Kipli's natural pillows are made at our factories in Italy using the same materials and quality standards as for our natural latex mattresses. 20 years' experience of working with natural latex enables us to offer a product of the highest quality. 

The main objective with Kipli's pillows is to offer our customers a healthy night's sleep with a product that provides excellent breathability. The alveolar structure of the pillows' interior enables you to sleep on a really comfortable pillow that doesn't impede the body's breathability. 

This exceptional level of breathability is provided by the excellent quality of the natural materials used. The pillow's temperature remains unchanged thanks to our pillow covers made from organic cotton and Tencel.

A durable natural pillow

As previously mentioned, Kipli is an advocate of responsible consumerism and this can only be achieved by ensuring that the best quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our pillows. We only use natural latex that's is subject to CATAS certification which attests to the quality of the materials used and guarantees a lifespan of at least 10 years for our natural pillows. 

Still on the subject of our natural latex, this is also Eurolatex certified which guarantees that the material has been made in Europe in accordance with the working conditions and quality standards that are required in the European Union.

Being able to remove the pillows' cover means that they're easily washable so the latex core will remain in good condition for longer. The cover has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification which guarantees that the organic cotton used, in addition to being eco-friendly, is also good for your health.

And lastly, Kipli's natural latex pillows also carry Eco-Institut certification which covers the product's emissions, if any. The Kipli natural pillows don't emit any VOCs or any other type of harmful substance. 

Kipli Pillow types

Not everyone has the same needs or preferences which is why we have created two different models in the Kipli pillow range.  

The square natural latex pillow is the most versatile and most popular model. The filler has an alveolar structure which has ergonomic properties that help to relax any tension which may arise in the cervical muscles.  

The other option is a pillow that Kipli has designed to adapt to your body structure. The Kipli cervical pillow has an optimized design for the body's cervical region, providing comfort and relief for people who have problems in this area of the body. This pillow will help to improve your night's sleep and alleviate the problems and tensions which can be generated by bad posture during the night. 

The advantages of buying from Kipli.

All our products are delivered free of charge. If you make your purchase today, you should receive your order within 10 to 15 working days. As a further incentive towards purchasing sustainable products, Kipli offers the possibility of paying in 3 interest free instalments for orders with a value in excess of €100.00.

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