1% pour la planète

Climate change is becoming more and more noticeable. Our infrastrcture is becoming more and more precarious. The natural world, our resources, our flora and fauna, our water, are all becoming increasingly endangered... The conclusion is very simple and has never been more true: the planet can't wait any longer. and it is now in our hands to react and take action.

At Kipli, we support 1% FOR THE PLANET because we believe that change can only come about through our own actions.


Our relationship with the earth must be reciprocal

At Kipli, we are committed to manufacturing products that are useful, durable, healthy and responsibly sourced in relation to the environment. All this is possible thanks to the natural resources that Mother Nature is able to offer us.

Our commitment and our convictions are born from the need to raise awareness of the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us.

Since we first started out as a companyKipli took the decision to provide financial assistance to those entities who work actively to conserve the planet and fulfill our duty to return to the natural world what it has given to us..

That's one of the reasons why we donate 1% of our income to associations who work to maintain and conserve the environment, fighting climate change, working to conserve the land, the oceans, endangered species and against environmental pollution...Every time we sell one of our products, 1% of the cost is donated to one of these associations..

In this fashion, we are able to esure that we're on the right track, undertaking to help a little every day in the care of our precious planet.


We also support



his association works to restore the ecological balance in certain areas, creating natural forests that don't require any maintenance, in the most opportune places, including urban spaces.

The association plants very dense mini-forests (30 x denser than normal woodland) with a level of biodiversity that's up to a hundred times greater than the norm and which grows ten times faster thanks to the Miyawaki method.

These mini-forests can grow relatively easily in all kinds of different spaces, be that residential areas, gardens, schools, by the sea or on a river bank and this planting also helps in the restoration of city woodlands.

We are also proud to support "Sea Shepherd,", the world' s most active NGO when it comes to acting in defence of the oceans..

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, "Sea Shepherd" exposes and publicises any abuse or malpractice that is not sustainable or ethical and which may threaten marine life and the integrity of our marine ecosystems in order to raise public awareness of their importance and intrinsic necessity for our lives and that of the planet and the oceans.


The Sea Shepherd


We are delighted to have made a contribution to this mission which is dedicated to the protection of the oceans, by donating Kipli mattresses to equip Sea Shepherd's MY the Sam Simon.


Bringing the
natural world into our interiors

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