White linen net curtains




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2 year guarantee

2 year guarantee

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Free delivery

Free delivery

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Natural linen curtains


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Product details

Kipli's white net curtains are woven from 100% natural linen (91g/m2).

These net curtains are sold individually.

The opacity level of these white linen curtains is 2/5.

The dimensions of the white linen net curtains are 145 x 260 cm.

Opacity level
Size available

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Delivery of the white linen net curtains will be within 5-7 business days. 

If you order various products at the same time, it is possible they will arrive separately as this will depend on where they're made and the corresponding lead times. 

If you have any additional questions, you can get in touch with us via live-chat or by sending an email to: [email protected]

Kipli linen curtains should be dry cleaned.

How are the curtains delivered?
How do you care for linen fabric?

Natural net curtains for elegant decor

Bearing the decoration of your home in mind, we've separated our range of curtains and nets. The latter are very sheer and suitable for daily use as they allow the interior to stay light.
Made in France, Kipli's linen net curtains have antifungal and antibacterial properties as well as being thermoregulatory. This versatile and environmentally friendly material is also produced using energy efficient methods.

Davide & Antoine, co-founders of Kipli

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White linen net curtains

A light and elegant product with which to decorate your windows

100% <br> natural


Made entirely from French linen, without any synthetic fibres

Naturally <br> healthy


No chemical treatments are used and the fabric doesn't contain any VOCs, guaranteeing a healthy interior

Elegant and <br> minimalist

Elegant and

Their simple and natural design means these curtains will adapt perfectly to any interior.

Made in <br> France

Made in

Excellent design thanks to our French manufacturer and their many years of experience in the industry

An exceptional material

An exceptional material

As the linen we use is 100% French, we know that the fibre is grown without the use of any pesticides or synthetic products. The linen is hand woven by professionals using looms in accordance with traditional craftsmanship.

Kipli's linen net curtains aren't just decorative articles, they also have decontaminating properties which assist with cleansing the air in your interiors.

Sturdy and durable

Linen is well known for being one of the strongest natural fibres. The linen fabric we use is of the highest quality and offers exceptional durability.

The maintenance of the curtains is done by a dry cleaning.

Sturdy and durable
Kipli and our certifications

Kipli and our certifications

Oeko-Tex 100 policy French manufacturing
2 year guarantee

2 year guarantee

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Free delivery

Free delivery

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Perfect material

The curtains are very pretty, they're delicate but the material is strong

Miriam S.

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Perfect! just what i'd hoped for

Eloise W.

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Beautify your home, in a natural way

Baby Bio Mattress

Mattress Protector

Decorate your bedroom or living room windows with Kipli's linen curtains to gently filter the daylight in an aesthetic and natural way.

French manufacturing

The range of curtains currently on the market are made from a variety of different materials, (linen, velvet, cotton, polyester...) which are often synthetic and derivatives of the petrochemical industry. By creating these linen curtains, we wanted to offer a responsible alternative. That's why it was a natural decision for us to choose to produce our linen curtains in France. We work with a company from the Loire region of France who have shared the benefits of their centuries of know-how in the industry with us. As opposed to imported curtains, we prefer to support local employment and minimize our carbon footprint.

Thanks to the quality fabric we use, (91 g/m2), the Kipli natural linen net curtains with eyelets are both sturdy and durable over time. Our choices when it comes to production and the materials we use, endeavours to encourage conscientious purchasing.

Kipli's white linen sheer net curtains have an opacity level of 2/5 and are sufficiently transparent to allow the daylight in.

The promise of 100% natural composition

In order to offer our customers a product that's as natural as possible, we don't use any synthetic fibres and the linen we use is 100% natural. Like all the materials we use, the linen isn't chemically treated and is Oeko-Tex certified which guarantees that the curtains are free from any harmful substances.

In addition to its natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance, linen is an environmentally friendly material. Flax grows quickly and requires little water. Furthermore, France produces more flax than anywhere else in the world, so we're helping to support local employment and reducing our impact on the environment as well.

Quality service

Delivery of Kipli's white linen net curtains is free of charge and will be effected within 5-7 working days. If you order more than one product, it's possible these won't be delivered together due to the differing places of manufacture and corresponding lead times. The price includes a free 2 year guarantee against any manufacturing faults or defects.

Thanks to the 8 eyelets, your curtains are ready to be hung immediately on a curtain pole. The curtains' measurements are: 145 (wide) x 260 cm (length).

You can buy these linen net curtains individually or in pairs. If you opt for the latter, you'll save €19.00.

For an even more harmonious look for your bedroom or living room, we also offer linen curtains in two different colours for you to choose from: natural beige linen and raw linen. Just like the net curtains, you can also buy these in pairs.

We can also supply other products with which to decorate your home such as organic cotton bedding which is available in 6 different colours to suit your own personal style. Our bedding range includes duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases and mattress protectors.

White linen net curtains

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