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Garantia de 5 anos

Garantia de 5 anos

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Pagamento em 3 prestações sem juros

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A simple and adaptable solid wood

"We created this bed with the intention of offering a viable alternative to melamine or chipboard furniture which is often made from low-quality materials elsewhere in the world. 

This sturdy and adaptable bed is made from the finest solid beech wood which is sourced from sustainably managed forests."

Davide & Antoine, co-founders of Kipli

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Solid beech wood double bed

Carefully designed to give you a natural night's sleep

Beech Wood

Beech Wood

The bed is made of solid beech wood, without the use of any sort of reconstituted wood.

Comfort for everyone

Comfort for everyone

Flexible or rigid slats for a comfort level that's suitable for your individual needs.

Naturally healthy

Naturally healthy

Without any paint or chemicals, our beds don't release any VOCs.

French manufacture

French manufacture

Manufactured in accordance with the traditional woodworking of Picardy

Solid beech wood frame

Solid beech wood frame

Our "Lyon" bed is made from 100% PEFC certified solid beech wood sourced from Normandy. The use of this robust wood enables us to offer a long-lasting, high quality product. The wood used doesn't contain any kind of reconstituted wood or melamine.

Your choice of slats

Choose the slats for your bed frame according to your preferences and needs. The rigid slats offer greater firmness whilst the flexible slats offer a softer level of comfort. 

Your choice of slats
Healthy Finishes

Healthy Finishes

In order to create a healthy bed, we've chosen not to use any kind of paint or chemical glue. We've chosen a water-based varnish for a natural finish which doesn't release any sort of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). With this natural design, our aim is to reduce levels of household pollution. . 

Kipli's rigorous standards

Kipli's rigorous standards

PEFC French Manufacturing
Garantia de 5 anos

Garantia de 5 anos

Entrega gratuita

Entrega gratuita

Pagamento em 3 prestações sem juros

Pagamento em 3 prestações sem juros

Our customers are happy to sing our praises from their new beds

5/5 on 4 reviews

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Brilliant bed, looks great. very

Brilliant bed, looks great. very sturdy. ok to put together as one person but very hard work. would be much...

Stephen D.

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The bed is well made, the assembly is really easy and the solidity of the structure is all there, (real...

Mirabelle R.

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The bed is lovely, it isn't difficult to assemble (you do need to concentrate on the instructions) and the mattress...

Ivory Z.

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An excellent buy

Easy to assemble, no fragile parts, definitely a really good buy.

Winifred G.

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Product Details


Frame height: 12 cm

Foot height: 20 or 30 cm

Total height: 32 or 42 cm

Frame Dimensions 

The external dimensions of a 160x200 bed frame (for a 160/200 mattress) is 170x210 cm.

Weight: 22 kg (140x190 cm), 24 kg (140x200 cm), 26 kg (160x200 cm), 27 kg (180x200 cm)


Rigid slats' weight: 17/18/19kg (for widths of 140/160/180)

Flexible slats' weight: 8/10/13kg (for widths of 140/160/180)

Headboard (for a 140x190 bed frame)

Height x Width x Thickness: 35 cm x 150 cm x 2.5 cm 

Headbord weight: 8 kg (140 cm width 140 cm), 11 kg (160 cm width 160 cm), 14 kg (180 cm width)

Bedside Tables

Length x width x thickness: 33 cm x 33 cm x 3 cm

Weight of 2 tables: 4.5 kg


Weight: 5.5 kg (20 cm feet), 6 kg (30 cm feet)

Frame thickness: 4 cm

Number of slats for the 190 cm/200 cm long bed base: 15/16

Rigid slats

Width: 6.5 cm

Thickness: 15 mm

Space between slats: 6 cm

Flexible slats

Width: 6.5 cm

Thickness: 10 mm

Space between slats: 6 cm

Solid wood: 100% solid French beech wood, PEFC certified

Rigid slats: solid beech wood

Flexible slats: beech wood 

Varnish: water-based with vegetable material (linseed oil and carnauba wax).

Hardboard back pieces: solid beech wood

The bed frame contributes approximately 30% of the final firmness of your bed when combining the mattress / bed frame together.

If you require greater firmness, it is best to choose a bed frame with rigid slats.

For gentler support, you should opt for the flexible slats.

Weights and Dimensions of the Lyon solid wooden bed
Thickness of the bed frame and slats
Firmness Index

Additional Information

Kipli's Lyon solid beech wood bed is delivered within 10 to 15 working days.

Once the order has been despatched, you'll receive a tracking code so you can check the delivery status of your order, together with an approximate delivery date. Feel free to check the link regularly in order to see the updated delivery status.

Bed Kit Dimensions 

Bed frame: 10 cm x 30 cm x 210 cm

Rigid & flexible slats: 13 cm x 14 cm x 95 cm

Foot of the bed: 17 cm x 30 cm x 37 cm

Tables (x2): 14 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm

Headboard: 10 cm x 12 cm x 190 cm

If you have ordered additional products, it is possible they will be delivered separately, depending on where they were manufactured and the delivery times. 

We are always available to answer any questions via Chat or email. Feel free to write to us if you have any queries at [email protected]

About the Delivery

Beautify your home, in a natural way

Baby Bio Mattress

Mattress Protector

The Lyon wooden bed

The bed frame contributes up to 40% of a bed's firmness and that's why you should take your time when deciding on the ideal bed frame. Find out more about our Lyon wooden bed which, thanks to its aesthetic and natural composition, will unquestionably provide you with a comfortable and restful night's sleep. 

A sturdy and durable wooden bed

We've designed the Lyon wooden bed with a unique and particularly resilient product: solid beech wood.  The wood we use for the manufacturing of this model comes from PEFC certified sustainable forests in Normandy. These forests are cared for and managed in accordance with EU regulations, with the main objective being to avoid overharvesting.  In addition to respecting the world's most demanding regulations in ecological terms, the purchase of a solid wood bed such as the Lyon, promotes responsible consumerism and the development of an economy with an eco-friendly conscience.  

The benefits of purchasing a wooden bed don't just end there. The Lyon bed, being made entirely of solid beech wood, will function as a CO2 scrubber in your bedroom. Solid woods work as a CO2 receiver for years, thus improving the quality of your interiors and restoring a natural balance.

Beech wood - the perfect material for a bed frame

Our specialist carpenter Mathieu's workshops use this sustainably sourced beech wood for making the Lyon bed frame.  This material has been carefully chosen for its strong and durable characteristics. In fact, the choice of materials used in Kipli's Lyon wooden bed was specifically focused on creating a piece of furniture that will last over time. This long lifespan will result from the tasteful and elegant design that typifies the Lyon wooden bed.

One of the main objectives when selecting a wooden bed such as Kipli's Lyon, is that in addition to being comfortable and of an elegant design, it contributes to responsible consumerism. It's simple: a good quality bed made with high quality materials will last longer. At Kipli we do all we can to encourage responsible consumerism and avoid the use of perishable materials thus guaranteeing with the Lyon wooden bed, a bed frame that will last for years in your bedroom.

A custom-made wooden bed

We don't all have the same tastes and at Kipli, we're well aware of this. That's one of the reasons why the Lyon wooden bed frame provides the option to select certain features that make up the bed frame. 

As previously stated, the bed frame constitutes between 30% and 40% of the bed's firmness. The desired comfort level will depend on the type of slats that are chosen. If you're looking for greater firmness, you'll need to choose the rigid slats. If, on the other hand, your preference is for something softer and more enveloping, you should opt for the flexible slats.

There are further bespoke options with the Lyon wooden bed.  The leg height will provide you with a bed that's at the right level for you.  When it comes to choosing a bed, everyone has a different idea of their height preference from the floor. You can choose between 20 cm or 30 cm high legs on the Lyon wooden bed frame. A further advantage provided by the different heights is the amount of storage space under the bed. Don't forget to think about these measurements so that you can decide which height will best suit your needs.  

Bedside Tables? The Lyon wooden bed can integrate two nightstands into its structrure. These beech wood bedside tables will enable you to have the items you might need at hand during the night - a book, glasses, the alarm, a glass of water....whatever you need!  You can select these when placing your order and enjoy the benefits of having these fully integrated features. 

And last but by no means least, the Lyon wooden bed comes with a headboard with a simple, minimalist design which will be your bed's crowning glory. The headboard is made from pieces of solid wood which, in addition to providing a decorative effect, will also provide support and a barrier between you and the wall. 

A healthy and durable bed

This bed is made entirely out of solid beech wood - something completely different to the normal reconstituted or agglomerated woods that are commonly used in the bedding industry. A high quality wood such as the solid beech wood from which the Lyon bed is made will easily last for years.

When it comes to the finishes on this bed, we have used water-based varnishes, thus respecting the wood's natural colours. This treatment provides a natural touch to your bed base contributing to a fresh and relaxed ambience in your bedroom. 

The Lyon bed frame made by our specialist carpenter Mathieu is carefully created using only the best materials. We have so much confidence in these that our Lyon beds come with a 5 year warranty against any manufacturing or material defects.  

The advantages of buying from Kipli

The Lyon wooden bed will be delivered to your door within 10 to 15 working days. As with all Kipli's products, there are no delivery charges. In addition to this, when purchasing the Kipli Lyon wooden bed and a natural latex mattress, you can request our SWEETDREAM promotion which provides a discount on two natural latex pillows valued at €150. A further benefit when buying from Kipli is the option to make your payment with 3 interest free instalments.

The Lyon Bed

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