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2 year guarantee

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Naturally fashionable

There is no shortage of natural alternatives in France. So, when confronted with so many polyester or down duvets of dubious origins, we chose to collaborate closely with a traditional company using recycled feathers and down.

At KIPLI, our priority is to make good use of local, natural materials and the traditional skills of established professionals in the industry.

The feather and down duvets with their beautiful organic cotton covers, complete our range of natural duvets with their thermogregulatory and sustainable properties. Both comfortable and durable, the KIPLI duvet is the result of a combination of high-quality materials which will keep you warm for many years to come.

Davide & Antoine, co-founders of Kipli

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KIPLI's feather and down duvet

A combination of the best materials for healthy and comfortable nights

100% <br> natural


An organic cotton cover with a filling made from recycled feathers and down

Naturally <br> healthy


Free of synthetic fibres and chemical treatments

Comfortable <br> and warm

and warm

Has a warm, cushioned feel which helps to regulate body temperature

Made in <br> France

Made in

A quality product thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen and the traditional skills that have been using for over 170 years

A combination of the best quality materials

Fodera del piumone in vera piuma Kipli

A soft, organic cover

Although synthetic materials are still widely used throughout the world, we have opted for an organic cotton percale cover for our feather duvets, for a natural and high quality fabric.

We use organic cotton which is much more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton. The cultivation of organic cotton requires significantly less water and is therefore, beneficial for the farmers. Environmental, ethical and health considerations led us to choose this material but its excellent qualities don't stop there!

Organic cotton's longest fibres are used to weave percale. The fibre we use for our feather duvet covers has a density of 91 threads/cm2. This is a narrower weave than standard cotton and accentuates the softness of the material which provides a high level of comfort, similar to that which is found in the bedding of the best hotels.

Every component part of our down duvets is made in France. This guarantees a long-lasting product, thanks to the quality of the cotton used and the skills of these French craftsmen who make them with their many years of experience in the industry. Consequently, the covers are very durable and even become softer with each wash.


The soft, recycled filling

We have chosen recycled feathers and down with an ideal weight of 300g/m2 to ensure the duvets are not heavy but still provide the perfect level of warmth.

KIPLI's feather duvet provides both warmth and breathability thanks to the feather and down filling. Our duvets are thermoregulatory as the air circulates well enabling any humidity to be eliminated. Therefore, these duvets are suitable for everyone, particularly those who seek an excellent level of comfort as they sleep.

Down provides a lightness that is incomparable with other materials. Combined with feathers, the KIPLI duvet is as fluffy as a cloud.

We only use recycled feathers and down for the filling in our duvets. We have chosen the smallest footprint as everything is produced locally and in a traditional way. The lifespan of a down duvet is much longer than that of any synthetic material. Our duvets are easy to maintain and retain their excellent quality and properties for many years.

Environmentally friendly
The soft, recycled filling
Kipli and the quality of our products

Kipli and the quality of our products

Oeko-Tex Organic cotton EPV certification
2 year guarantee

2 year guarantee

Free delivery

Free delivery

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Our customers sing our praises from their beds

5/5 on 6 reviews

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Perfect, nothing more to say

Brandon M.

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An excellent buy

The delivery was perfect, the finish on the duvet cover is very good and it is very soft to the...

Lila C.

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An excellent product!!!

I'm very happy with my purchase

Piper J.

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Very comfortable

It's a very comfortable and light duvet

Maya O.

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240x260 duvet

Perfect, it is well padded but light at the same time

Ayla H.

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It feels like i'm sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night with this duvet

Kara S.

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Product details

The feather and down duvet consists of a cover and two fillings:

- The cover is woven (91 threads/cm2) in organic cotton percale with a white trim. 

- The filling is made from recycled feathers and 300g/m2 down for warm, cushioned comfort.

The filling we use is recycled. It has been washed several times and sterilized at high temperatures prior to being used. 

The indicative heat level of the duvet is 4.5/5

See the table below

Heat index

Do you have any questions?

In order to maximize the useful lifespan of your down and feather duvet, you can wash it in the washing machine at 30°C and then put it in the dryer. You can also leave its care in the hands of a professional cleaner.

A little tip: you can put tennis balls in the machine and in the dryer so that the feathers stay aerated and are evenly distributed throughout the duvet. Also, the dryer will give the feathers more volume - even if the duvet hasn't just been washed. 

Yes, the Kipli feather duvet comes with a 2 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

How do I care for my Kipli duvet?
Does the Kipli feather duvet come with a guarantee?

Beautify your home, in a natural way

Baby Bio Mattress

Mattress Protector

What could be better than sleeping in a warm, cozy and natural duvet during the winter? These are the main features we had in mind when creating the Kipli down and feather duvet.

A soft cover

For the recycled down and feather duvets' cover, we have used organic cotton. This soft material doesn't contain any synthetic fibres and hasn't been subjected to any chemical treatments. Oeko-Tex certification guarantees the absence of any harmful substances (such as bleach) thus promising a healthy night's sleep.

Using organic cotton also has ecological advantages. Its cultivation requires less water than conventional cotton and the absence of any chemical treatments helps to preserve the quality of the soil.

Recycled feather and down filler

As an alternative to standard duvets which are often made from polyester of other synthetic products which are derivatives of the petroleum industry, we were determined to use only responsibly sourced filling. So, we decided to use a recycled down filling. We wanted to distance ourselves from the dubious suppliers of feathers and down and consequently, we chose a company with a century's worth of know-how, which favours a small carbon footprint and excellent craftsmanship.

The composition of the filling in our down duvets is of optimum quality because its breathability allows the air to circulate which helps to limit the incidence of night sweats.

The combination of down and feathers gives a unique lightness to the duvet which feels like an embrace. The duvets heat rating is 4.5/5 and makes our warm duvet ideal for winter nights.

The combination of organic cotton and the down and feather filling makes our duvets ideal for people who suffer from certain intolerances. The breathable properties of thse materials create an environment that doesn't encourage the deveopment of mites or bacteria.

From our perspective, it was also important that our feather duvets should be easy to care for in order to maximize their life span. You can wash your duvet in a washing machine at 30°C and then put it in the dryer or, you can simply leave it in the hands of the professionals.

Our duvets are also part of our commitment to responsible consumerism. In fact, although they are more expensive, duvets made from natural materials are of a better quality and, therefore, more resistant to the passage of time. This means that, when you purchase a product like the Kipli feather duvet, you will need to replace your bedding less frequently.

Our French craftsmen

In order to minimize our impact on the environment, we decided to design and make our cosy duvets in France. We decided to work with a company located in Le Mans, France, who were willing and able to share the excellence of their 170 years of expertise in the sector.

A quality service

Delivery of the Kipli duvet is free of charge and should be effected within 5-7 working days. If you have ordered various different items, it is possible that they will be delivered separately. You will benefit from a 2 year guarantee which is included in the price and, if you wish, we are happy to offer the opportunity to pay in 3 instalments by credit without any extra charges.

Our Customer Service Team is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your choice, in accordance with your needs and / or preferences.

The duvets are available in 3 sizes: 140x200, 200x200, the 220x240 warmer duvet and the 240x260 duvet. For single beds, we recommend the 200x200cm duvet. We also offer a warmer duvet which is suitable throughout the year and a lighter duvet for the summer months which is made from Tencel and organic cotton. All the sizes offer the same level of optimum comfort. Because they are naturally breathable, they are the perfect solution for people who are sensitive to dust mites. You can view our duvets in the section that focuses on our quilts.

To finish off your bedroom, we also offer other bedding products: natural latex mattresses and pillows, wooden beds, solid wood furniture and more. Delivery is free on all our product ranges.

It is also important to us that all our employees benefit from fair salaries which is why we operate a fair pricing policy.

Feather duvets

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