Our beds and bed frames

A healthy environment thanks to the natural and eco-friendly products used by Kipli

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Only the best materials. Products made from certified solid wood.

Elegant Design

Elegant Design

A simple modern design that fits in well with any kind of interior style.

Naturally healthy

Naturally healthy

No chemical treatments or agglomerates.

Flexible Comfort

Flexible Comfort

Flexible choice of bed's firmness


Responsibly Sourced Products

The bed frame influences the firmness of your mattress by up to 40%. For a comfortable and naturally good night's sleep, our solution is a solid wood bed made from either Beech, Okoume or Pine. Thanks to traditional manufacturing processes, our excellent quality beds and bed frames have been designed to last. You can choose from either flexible or rigid slats to support the mattress, depending on your preference, and the slats are exposed for maximum breathability. 

Additional Information about the manufacturing of our products
Free Delivery

Free Delivery

5 Year Guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

Payment in 3 interest free instalments

High standards and excellent quality verified by our certifications


Wooden beds with box springs

Kipli’s vision is to guarantee a natural environment in your home by offering viable alternatives to the overconsumption of products that aren’t eco-friendly, as is currently the prevalent situation in the home furnishings industry. Generating an eco-friendly conscience is one of the company’s objectives and we bring this awareness with us into the creation and design of our products.
The three principles that drive Kipli are: sincerity, responsibility and transparency. Kipli is a committed brand which has dedicated itself to the reinvention of people’s homes in a healthier style in order to benefit both mankind and the planet as a whole. 

Quality Materials in our box spring beds

We use only the highest quality materials in the production of our box-spring beds. At Kipli, we are proud of the fact that we only use solid woods that are PEFC certified. The quality of Kipli’s wooden beds is of the highest standard as we reject the use of any reconstituted or low quality products such as reconstituted or agglomerated woods. 
In the production of our wooden beds, we generally use local materials which originate from within the vicinity of the factories in which they are made. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and contributes to promoting a sustainable economy in the European Union.

Kipli’s Woods

We guarantee that only the best quality materials have been used in our products which is clearly evidenced by their beautiful and durable finishes. This is why our wooden slatted beds are made of beech, pine or okoume wood, of which only the sturdiest versions have been sourced. 
Solid woods are the best alternative to reconstituted woods or chipboard and enable our customers to enjoy the feeling of using authentic materials giving a sense of welcoming Mother Nature into your own home. The PEFC certification which covers our solid woods means your new bed will be free of chemical treatments and without any VOCs (Volcanic Organic Compounds).
The woods that we use at Kipli to make our box-spring beds are protected by a natural water-based varnish. Natural oils enhance the original colours of the wood thus bringing the natural world into the heart of your home.

Kipli is the best solution

We’ve done our utmost to distance ourselves from an industry that’s often opaque, frequently providing the customer with confusing and imprecise information. At Kipli, we guarantee transparency about the materials we use in addition to supplying beds that are of the best quality. The beds are manufactured in our factories using traditional techniques which ensures you’ll receive a product that’s durable and easy to assemble.

A variety of wooden bed frames

The bed base represents between 30 and 40% of the bed’s level of firmness. That’s why, in order to get a good quality and comfortable night’s sleep, you should choose a wooden bed frame that’s suitable for your needs. With Kipli’s wooden beds, you’ll be able to select the type of slats that will suit your sleep the most. You can choose from rigid slats which offer greater firmness, or flexible slats which will provide a softer reception. It’s your choice!  

Looking for a wooden bed with a timeless and elegant design? Our Lyon wooden bedstead is probably the one that’ll suit you best. The combinations it offers, together with the opportunity to customize its parts, gives you a variety of choices and comfort levels. This is a wooden bed frame with which you can select either rigid or flexible slats. You can also set the Lyon wooden bed frame’s height by selecting either 20cm or 30cm leg height. Coupled with this, you’ll be able to choose a matching headboard or even the novelty of a mattress that supports the bedside tables within its own structure.

Want a functional bed that’s adaptable to any style? The Marseille box-spring bed which is made of solid wood, will provide you with an exceptional and versatile bed. The natural colour of the wood, thanks to the use of a water-based vegetable varnish, will make it possible for you to enjoy having a real piece of nature in your bedroom.

Prefer a bed with a more delicate design? The beautiful design and smooth lines of Kipli’s upholsteredbeds are completely resistant to the passage of time. This bed is made in the EU from pine combined with a timeless linen fabric The organic colours will give your bedroom a relaxed feel that will be greatly enhanced by the quality natural materials used in the manufacture of your upholstered bed. 

Would you like a handmade high-end bed? Then the Turin wooden bed will be the best nocturnal companion for you. This is a bed that’s made of solid okoume wood by our skilled craftsmen at their workshop in northern Italy. One of this bed’s unique features is the fact that nothing metal or plastic is used in its manufacture. The Turin wooden bed is a one-off piece which provides optimal firmness thanks to its rigid slats. 

The advantages of buying from Kipli.

Kipli's beds will be delivered right to your door between 10 and 15 working days after your order has been processed (except for the handmade Turin bed). As with all Kipli’s products, these come with free delivery. In addition to these benefits, when purchasing a Kipli bed and a natural latex mattress, you can ask for our SWEETDREAM promotion which will provide you with a discount on two natural latex pillows which normally retail at €150. A further plus when buying from Kipli is the option of paying for your order via 3 interest free instalments.

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