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Today climate change is no longer a question, but a reality. Glaciers are melting, the temperature of our seas is increasing and the world 's population continues to grow, forcing us to change our lifestyles and our buying habits.

Although more people have become aware of this situation, solutions are slow to arrive or simply aren't accessible for all. The alternatives seem to be limited to particular spheres and are rarely meant for the general public.

The Kipli brand has been created as an accessible alternative for everyday items, thus responding to a specific need such as a bed or mattress which makes Kipli's contribution to the environment even more timely.

Davide & Antoine, co-founders of Kipli


90% of the mattresses sold in Europe today are completely synthetic. Most are made from polyurethane, a derivative of petroleum and petrochemical products. This kind of mattress has a very limited lifespan and isn't breathable.

Chemical adhesives are required for their manufacture: and these mattresses can emit volatile organic compounds, (VOCs), which are known to pose a health risk to humans. At the end of their useful life, these mattresses tend to become solid waste which is usually either burned or buried, thus further polluting the planet.

Kipli is proud to offer an alternative with our natural latex mattresses. Natural latex is a completely vegetal substance which originates from a tree, the Hevea Brasiliensis. This natural resource enables us to create a comfortable, natural mattress without the use of any chemical or toxic, compounds while ensuring a life-span that's double that of a polyurethane mattress. And at the end of its useful life, the Kipli mattress is biodegradable which is easier and better for the planet.

Our aim is to offer an alternative to a mode of consumption that's no longer viable, giving a new use to natural compounds from a manufacturing process that's inspired by traditional craftsmanship.


We are committed to offering the best possible products

We work hard to ensure that our products are useful, comfortable, natural, respectful of the planet, healthy and durable. Everyone in the company's management and production chain respects our principles, our values and our responsibility towards the planet.

We listen to our customers

Our actions and our responsible production are only possible thanks to our customers. We have been fortunate enough to establish on-going communication with our customers via email, social networks or by 'phone. This has enabled us to continuously verify the importance and value of their opinions and suggestions. .


We are committed to establishing an honest and open dialogue

We are committed to providing our customers with as much information as possible about the origin, composition and manufacturing processes of our products so that they can fully understand our goal: to offer an alternative to those household products which sacrifice comfort, durability and aesthetics in our homes for low prices. After all, sleeping on synthetic, plastic materials isn't good for our health or for our planet.

We are committed to caring for our environment

We are living in a period when the norm leans towards ecological responsibility and sustainability. And this is good news because it implies that the collective conscience is directed more and more favourably towards being eco-friendly. But that isn't enough!

As a company we feel the need to commit ourselves even more. That's why we support the organisation 1% FOR THE PLANET, by donating 1% of our profits to entities that fight for the preservation of our environment.


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